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Slippery Trails and Happy nurses

Wow, another week of Clinic is behind us! Having seen lots of different people and each one having a different story to tell, what should I really blog about was my question when I saw my name on the list for blogging today. I decided I'll tell you about visiting our one workers family.     On Thursday after Clinic was over for the day, Fré Adolf invited all of us nurses to his house for lunch, it had rained in the morning so we all knew that the trails could be slippery. But we also knew it would bless Adolf and his dear wife! So we quickly went back to the house and grabbed a few things then we where off, Fré Adolf was so pleased that we where actually coming. The trail was indeed slippery at place, but the view was awesome. I just had to think how Mighty a God we serve to create such beautiful mountains and valleys. After we arrived at their house we where served a soup, which was very delicious! 

We all where full by the time we had finished the soup, but we soon discovered tha…