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Bad Brains and Broken Bones

This has been an amazingly uneventful weekend considering how crazy last week and the weekend preceding it was. I believe God kindly answered our prayers for a little break from the more serious emergency cases that are brought into the clinic during off hours. The whole Saturday and Sunday not a single new patient was packed in on a cot.   Friday the 20th I came back from buying beans in the local market to find a young man who had been staying at the clinic for a few days had just taken a turn for the worse. He seemed to be having complications of typhoid fever which had spiralled to the point of delirium and a severely altered mental status. The nurses felt like he really needed to be transferred out to town. Also waiting at the clinic was an elderly man who had apparently fractured both bones in his forearm. He kept up a cheerful attitude as I splinted his arm despite his obvious extreme pain. We made plans to transfer both of these patients to the hospital in Pè…