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Pains and Praises

Sunday, March 8th~ We're exhausted.  After a few interrupted nights, the past few days (which have also been non-stop) have seemed to warp into weeks in our stretched minds and weary bodies.   They've been demanding and tiring for all of us.  
We've had a number of cholera patients the last week, more people on cots than usual, and a couple births in one night...  And things just keep happening.   I keep reminding myself, "One day at a time, one thing at a time."   
I'm sure my theology can be challenged, but I believe God does give us more than we ourselves can handle, but never more than his grace in us can endure.  And it seems that real weariness comes when we forget to seek and employ that grace.
I was sitting in church today, too tired to sing, so I put my head back, closed my eyes, and just listened, letting my mind wander over the past few days...
Lost in the current of my own swirling thoughts, I felt moderately interrupted and equally annoyed when a frie…