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"God did it", so we better would, too!

Every bed had been full. Wow! We tried to still the panic in our hearts as the realization struck us. But God has been good. Other than throwing a mat on the floor, and losing sleep, it worked out! A few patients were able to leave exactly as we were needing more beds. We read this morning that God commands his loving kindness in the daytime. Can we believe that even when it feels like our plate is overfilled?!  Even if the medicines we wish for aren't available to us?     We had two bed sore men who couldn't walk. That means that every day we get to clean those wounds out down to the bone...and then, we turn them, give them their medicines, shots, and new bandages. But the one is a Christian, and we became great friends!       Friday we had a man return after about four months of negligence. He had healthy little maggots gobbling around on his rotting foot. Mali and Kindra and Doctor Felix put on some toothpaste masks and got busy scrubbing, rubbing, and cutting on that p…