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Cholera Again

Wednesday afternoon Mali, Whitney, me, and a kindly, elderly deacon from the church here took a little trip up the mountain to visit several sick and dying people at their houses. We parked our UTV on the road at the farthest point that we were able to drive to, grabbed our medical bag and started up the trail through the rocky, yet lush and green Haitian countryside. The narrow, muddy trail wound through green patches of young bean plants and past tidy little stone houses shaded by groves of fruit and nut trees. Nores, the Haitian brother that was with us, knew of an elderly lady who was shut up in her house and wasn't in the best of health and so he led the way to where she lived. We arrived to find a friendly  
granny who claimed she had been born in 1908. Her family verified that she actually was that old. I don't know if that is possible but she seemed like she was still mentally with it and she was consistent with her figures. We checked her out and gave her gave h…