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Somebody is Watching

...Always, always  watching.

When someone takes something that belongs to us - everyone watches with baited breath to see what we will do.  Become angry?  Kill someone?  Give up and go home?

When the naughty little blood pressure patients don't respect the nurses, the other patients eagerly lean forward - what are the white nurses going to do?  Yell?  Scream?  Call them names?

When Saint Luke doesn't do what we ask him to (yet again).

When I ask the Haitian nurse who is on call tomorrow to please give a much-needed shot in the morning, and then ask if she's ok with it and she replies with, "No.  She can come Sunday."

When the young man who I just did a bandage job on tells me that he is going to go cut the girl who had thrown a block at him.

When someone sneaks a phone in and plugs it in to charge in the hospital room...which everyone knows is off limits.

When a latecomer tries to jump to the front of the line.

When someone tells us that she wants to abort her b…