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Greenbacks and pennies

"Good-morning!" It is Monday. After a couple days of rain, it is so exciting to see the sunshine. We feel like getting a lot done this week. It feels like a lot of things are on the burner. It feels exciting.    We have a list of about 50 hernia patients who keep returning and asking us about when the hernia doctor will come. The bad news is that only about seven of them even have a chance to get surgery with Doctor Michael. That leaves us with another whole year of trying to give the people hope that one day a doctor will come, or else that they will never be helped. Each of these surgeries will probably cost about $300 American dollars if we can't find a team to do them.      We have a hospital about 1 and a half hours from here that can do these surgeries. We don't have any money to help that happen, so unless we can find some willing wallets somewhere else, we aren't sure what to do to help. It feels like we are a link in a chain that is broken. Or is God …