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Peace in the Storm


Little Shots

...that we've seen recently...
You wouldn't recognize this bright-eyed little face from a couple weeks ago!  She's the one whose distraught mother rushed into the clinic with her cause she was in respiratory distress from a very plugged nose that Mali unplugged. :)  If you remember, she also had a strange mouth condition that has totally cleared up! 
I was quite pleased to see how well this set of twins was doing after their mother had been giving me the report that, "they are just too small and really need formula."   I finally convinced her to bring them and show me, after which I assured her she's doing a super job and that they're growing very well! :) 

This little boy is a heart wrenching sight.  He's the one I'd mentioned that literally seems to be starving to death.  The case is very unclear, but we suspect that he may have a perforated bowel, which could've come as a complication of possibly having typhoid.  
When he came in a few weeks ag…

Shopping Trip

I'm getting ready to fall asleep to the sound of whirring fans attempting to curb the heat of another sultry tropical night in the coastal town of Petit Goâve. Donavan and I are planning on heading to Port au Prince early in the morning to spend an exhausting day buying the monthly medicines and supplies for clinic and I'm already missing our mission and the cool, fresh air of the mountains. I'll explain a few things about the process of meds shopping so you can better understand why I chose to use the word "exhausting".
First of all, driving anywhere in the bustling city of Port au Prince is a combination of honking horns, billowing clouds of putrid exhaust, hair raising close shaves with fellow motorists on the pot hole ridden streets and traffic sitting bumper to bumper for hours at a time waiting on random busses and trucks to turn around or enter from a side street ahead. We have several wholesale pharmaceutical distributors that we order from each month and…

Yesterday's Blag

*Oops!  I checked the calendar as I got ready this morning to confirm that it was indeed me on call after clinic today, but I didn't notice until just tonight that my name was also on for blogging!
You know the word blog (spelled blag) in Creole, means joke?.  So when I say I'm going to do a blog, I always think of making a joke. :). But sometimes trying to blog on time IS a joke!  I don't think I would have had time today even if I had known earlier that I was s'posed to!
But now here I am, tucked comfortably in bed, soaking up the peaceful sound of a silent night... That is, silent except for the combined musical chants of innumerable  slimy green frogs, even more nocturnal crickets, and an occasional bark from a neighbor's dog or a small distant rock slide on a nearby mountainside...*
...and then I fell asleep on the job.  That's as far as my inspiration took me last night before those soothing night sounds lulled me right to sleep!
So back to yesterday.  
We arr…

A Day Through My Eyes

...which were not able to focus very well this morning.  Mali's grandmother had made a generous donation of a bunch of reading glasses when she went home, and Mali and I decided to each wear a pair on the way to work.  The pair I had was so strong that I had trouble focusing on anything, hence my route became slightly curvier than usual, as I tripped my way to clinic in Mali's footsteps. Upon entering the gate at clinic and after removing my eye aides so that I could actually see again, I took in the sight of a rather-small-for-a-Friday crowd. Standing to one side was a young gentleman named Reginald that I know from the school here.  He had come to ask for a bandage for his knee that was sore from their football match the day before.  Aylég's school played one of the neighboring schools in a game that ended with one team having scored one point, and the other none.....We lost, and no, I don't really want to talk about it.Anyway, after greeting another young player who…