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... Of a busy Friday!  If you stopped by to visit us today,   You would've found lots of people waiting outside, and inside, and Frè Adolf finding dossiers and charting people's weights!  Then Kindra busily working at getting the many blood pressure patients through, Dr Felix, Mis Leda, Mis Marquis, and Mis Whitney consultanting patients, then on to the pharmacy to find our Pharmacist Zita working hard to keep up to the many people.  I stopped in a couple times to help her, but I also had some bandage patients to do.   The last while, our number of patients has been we had around 105 patients!  I decided to added ramdom pictures of sad and happy faces!    I've called Haiti my home for the last almost 5 months, but now I plan on returning back to the states. My dear friends here are asking if I plan on coming back sometime soon, and I keep telling them "Bondye Konnen" God Knows!  -Mis Ellamae

Long Days, Little Nights

Sometimes it's not the roses you need to stop and smell, but the stories you need to stop and tell.  I'm just not sure where to start and where to stop, cause it seems like so far everything that started happening a few weeks ago hasn't really stopped in between one thing and the next. :)
I don't think I can adequately condense three intense weeks into one bounded blog post.  There's simply an overwhelming quantum of details surrounding every aspect of every experience to be able to thoroughly explain why we've all been such negligent bloggers lately! :)
I'm remembering Tonton, a young man who came in with severe malaria a few weeks ago who died in our hands, just seconds after Hans had gotten an IV started in him.   I think what made me cry the most was how his family was so accepting, telling us it wasn't our fault, and thanking us profusely for all we did, leaving us with a gift of bananas.
And then the very traumatic delivery we had the next day of a 1…

Enter German dentist...Exit rotten teeth....

"Mis Mali....My head hurts, I can hardly sleep at night because my teeth hurt so bad." an old lady tells me as she stuffs more cotton balls into her ears. "Show me mami,"I smile at her as she opens her mouth as wide as possible and quickly reaches in with her not-so-clean- fingers to point out to me the one that hurts. All I can see a row of black stumps. I sigh..."If only I was a dentist "but I am not. So I grab my pen and quickly jot down and anti-inflammatory drug and tell her that I'm sorry but that's as much as I can do.
 This story is repeated many times over in a week. Some have large rotting abscesses, some can hardly chew their food, some have stumps that are ready to fall out.
  Rho had a patient that desperately needed a good dentist. Whitney has a pregnant lady that has a tooth abscess, Kindra has an old grandpa that has so many rotten teeth that we wonder how he can even chew anything. There has got to be someone who would help us ou…

The Darkness Before Dawn

Breathe.  Just breathe.

That's what I kept telling myself yesterday morning.

My world felt as though it was tilting nearly out of control when I surveyed the large crowd that was waiting for us, with people everywhere reaching out to stop me as I walked by, as I tried desperately to shove my emotions about some news from home down, all the while fighting to function normally on much too little sleep.

I don't do well on too little sleep.

But let me go back to the beginning of the week, so that maybe you can understand where I'm coming from - or better yet, to last Saturday.

We were just leaving Port from picking up supplies for the dentist when Whitney got a phone call from Eugene.  A man had shown up needing a catheter put in.  Someone was found to do it, but Kara was needing to know where we keep the supplies for it.

During the process of calling and trying to follow the directions to the supplies, a girl showed up that was severely dehydrated and from what we were told,…