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Slippery Trails and Happy nurses

Wow, another week of Clinic is behind us! Having seen lots of different people and each one having a different story to tell, what should I really blog about was my question when I saw my name on the list for blogging today. I decided I'll tell you about visiting our one workers family.     On Thursday after Clinic was over for the day, Fré Adolf invited all of us nurses to his house for lunch, it had rained in the morning so we all knew that the trails could be slippery. But we also knew it would bless Adolf and his dear wife! So we quickly went back to the house and grabbed a few things then we where off, Fré Adolf was so pleased that we where actually coming. The trail was indeed slippery at place, but the view was awesome. I just had to think how Mighty a God we serve to create such beautiful mountains and valleys. After we arrived at their house we where served a soup, which was very delicious! 

We all where full by the time we had finished the soup, but we soon discovered tha…

Bad Brains and Broken Bones

This has been an amazingly uneventful weekend considering how crazy last week and the weekend preceding it was. I believe God kindly answered our prayers for a little break from the more serious emergency cases that are brought into the clinic during off hours. The whole Saturday and Sunday not a single new patient was packed in on a cot.   Friday the 20th I came back from buying beans in the local market to find a young man who had been staying at the clinic for a few days had just taken a turn for the worse. He seemed to be having complications of typhoid fever which had spiralled to the point of delirium and a severely altered mental status. The nurses felt like he really needed to be transferred out to town. Also waiting at the clinic was an elderly man who had apparently fractured both bones in his forearm. He kept up a cheerful attitude as I splinted his arm despite his obvious extreme pain. We made plans to transfer both of these patients to the hospital in Pè…

Every Good Gift

Image from God.  Every night of refreshing sleep, every strengthening meal, every encouraging song or word just when you need it... 
I've been more aware of those kinds of gifts recently.  Like this past Monday when Hans, Mali and Mis Joselaine were all gone, and we had an oversized crowd of patients at clinic. 
Kin was swamped with over 30 blood pressure patients, Mis Leda and Marquis faithfully consulted many new patients, Ellamae got pushed a little farther into several new bandage patients and jobs, and Lydia came down and very helpfully took care of all the vitals.  And then there were so many return patients with special appointments, and close to a dozen pregnant ladies!
I found myself almost literally running from one thing to the next.  Once on a trip to the depot to gather several different items, I walked in and found myself staring blankly at all the boxes, meds, and supplies in front of me.
"What did I come in here for?!?"  As I shuffled slowly past shelf after …

It's Saturday!

It's Saturday. Maybe...just maybe...this one will be a quiet one. I had the pharmacy to get restocked before brunch, and I had it about half way finished when I walked out to see what was up with the moto that had just arrived. What I found was not very was a man who had been beaten up for cutting a lady's hand. He was unconscious,he had a head injury, and we knew right away that we couldn't help him here. We had to decide what we were going to do with him.  Hans called Haiti Air Ambulance to see if they would come pick him up, and they were very willing to come. We quickly made everything ready to transport him on the Husky to the soccer field where the helicopter was going to land. 

We arrived just before the helicopter did, but when we arrived, so did LOTS of people. It didn't take long for us to figure out that we had a problem---everyone that was showing up was very upset!  Upset that we were taking care of this man who in their minds is a criminal. We…

Pains and Praises

Sunday, March 8th~ We're exhausted.  After a few interrupted nights, the past few days (which have also been non-stop) have seemed to warp into weeks in our stretched minds and weary bodies.   They've been demanding and tiring for all of us.  
We've had a number of cholera patients the last week, more people on cots than usual, and a couple births in one night...  And things just keep happening.   I keep reminding myself, "One day at a time, one thing at a time."   
I'm sure my theology can be challenged, but I believe God does give us more than we ourselves can handle, but never more than his grace in us can endure.  And it seems that real weariness comes when we forget to seek and employ that grace.
I was sitting in church today, too tired to sing, so I put my head back, closed my eyes, and just listened, letting my mind wander over the past few days...
Lost in the current of my own swirling thoughts, I felt moderately interrupted and equally annoyed when a frie…

"God did it", so we better would, too!

Every bed had been full. Wow! We tried to still the panic in our hearts as the realization struck us. But God has been good. Other than throwing a mat on the floor, and losing sleep, it worked out! A few patients were able to leave exactly as we were needing more beds. We read this morning that God commands his loving kindness in the daytime. Can we believe that even when it feels like our plate is overfilled?!  Even if the medicines we wish for aren't available to us?     We had two bed sore men who couldn't walk. That means that every day we get to clean those wounds out down to the bone...and then, we turn them, give them their medicines, shots, and new bandages. But the one is a Christian, and we became great friends!       Friday we had a man return after about four months of negligence. He had healthy little maggots gobbling around on his rotting foot. Mali and Kindra and Doctor Felix put on some toothpaste masks and got busy scrubbing, rubbing, and cutting on that p…

Email updates

This update is a little out of the norm, but thought everyone that follows the blog would like this little bit of info!

In the past we used yahoo groups for our email updates. But beings we had some technical difficulties with that we have switched over to over service called "Mailchimp". That being said, if you would like email updates on the work in Haiti, please click the link below, and follow the intructions.

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God bless your day!