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Farewell Haiti

After eight month of living in Haiti I will be leaving the 24th of Febuary. I have really enjoyed my time here and will greatly miss all my friends. This has been a wonderful and stretching time for me. 
  I don’t know if you all remember Wilfred…  He stayed in our
hospital for months with an distended stomach. We had done a couple
paracentesis on him in hopes of making him more comfortable. The poor
boy had to live with immense pain for days. I think the last time we
blogged about him was when he prayed and gave his heart to the Lord.
We still rejoice over that, especially since we got the call this
morning. Our hearts were saddened when  the news came that Wilfred
died.  I still remember the times I stood by his bed side .It  hurt to
see the terrible pain he had to go through. Many times he would call
for us and ask us to pray for him, that always made him feel better. I
often prayed that God would just take him, it hurt too much to see him

Icing On The Cinnamon Rolls and Such

Marcile and I look at each other. It is Friday morning. We have been up with a laboring mother for hours.      "I can't do it anymore," she declares.      "That's why we kept telling you not to yell so loud for the last three days, Dear," we reminded her. "Now you are wishing for energy, and you are tired."      "We will give you an IV," we try to sweetly tell her. But that doesn't help a bit.       And then awhile later we added labor inducer to the dripping fluid. Still no results.     "I think the baby's heartbeat sounds weaker," Marcile stated. That was when we decided to head for TiGoave with the tired woman.       As we bounced through numerous market places with lots of onlookers, we hoped and prayed that the baby would not decide to be born there. Needless to say, the lady's continual ear-splitting yells made a wonderful siren for us, and donkies and humans alike scuffled to the side of the road to let us pa…

A Long Night

​                                                                   It was Thursday ​evening ​ when we got the call, the second lady in labor. T​his would be our second​  baby in 2015!  The first baby​ boy​  was born ​​ around ​9:00​  in the evening. We radioed down to clinic to see how things were going, the only reply was a baby crying! Ro​,​ ​Ellamae ​ and I grabbed our stuff and head​ed​  down ​to  see what was up with our lady. After seeing the new baby boy we checked ​the laboring lady  and decided that we could go back home and get some​ much needed​  sleep.  ​T​ o my ​great ​ disappointment my sleep was interrupted abruptly​ by insistent​  banging on the gate.
Off to clinic we ​hurried​  not realizing that this ​would  be a long night​,​ ​i​ t was 12:​00​ .  Figuring by the looks of things​  this baby would come fast. ​W​ e ​decided to stay and wait things out , ​but  unfortunately​  the baby ​didn't want to make its appearance into the world quite yet  . ​After talking and laughing loudly, and waki…

Another Bonjour

A good day.
I sighed as Rho and I walked together down to the clinic this morning.   Rho wondered aloud what it meant.   I laughed, "Oh, nothin' really, I just don't really feel like going to clinic today."   She laughed too.  What else can you do? :) When I'm actually working in the clinic, I'm usually loving it, but sometimes looking ahead at it from the morning's perspective, it looks like more socializing than I think I'd love for my day. :]
But, as usually goes, by the time I greet each familiar friend en-route there, the normal handful of return patients, along with a general greeting to all the rest of the patients filling the benches, I've also greeted the day's work and let go of my little morning anti-social grudge.  
That was me this morning.   Enjoying the quiet, beautiful morning at home, lost in a jungle of thoughts while scrambling eggs for breakfast.
Maybe that's why eight o' clock came  more quickly than I expected, hurryin…


We are basking in the joy of vacation. Of sitting around the table clasping our coffee mugs after breakfast, discussing life and its mysteries. There is no rush to go to work!!
  Out come the scrub brushes, paintbrushes, brooms, mops, rags etc. The spiders flee for refuge against our energetic tearing thru their webbed homes. I am sure the tiles cringed at our scrubbing. The windows are now frames for the Haitian countryside instead of a piece of glass smeared with greasy handprints. The clinic has a fresh, hopeful look. Ready to face 2015!! Three cheers for a new year!!

                                              Marcile scrubbing away with her steady strength that we all love.
                                               Whit looks slightly unimpressed peeking from behind the 02 tanks.
     Manet, our boy that had a  burst umbilicus, nice and plump. Happy to help his 'Mama'(Whit) with the work.

                 While I was on call a young guy came in with a dislocated …