Friday, May 23, 2014

Three Haitians...

Three Haitians whose lives could see significant changes; because of God's grace and the prayers and generosity of YOU! 
We've spent the day in Mirebalais, about a six hour drive from rural Allegre. We have four patients with us; the little 8 year old girl in yellow needs a hernia repair, the 15 year old girl in the striped shirt needs a biopsy for strange lumps on her arm, and older man needs foot surgery. Lord willing they will  all be receiving the care they need in 2 weeks, here in Mirebalais! Today they were all getting checked out for potential surgery. The fourth one, also an older man, was biopsied today and also received a CT scan for a bad abscess at the base of his spine. We will be waiting the biopsy results.

The exciting thing? That we were able to find this kind of sympathetic, professional care at the highest surgical levels- right here in Haiti! And this hospital does the work 100% free of charge! Granted, we need to spend about 12 hours on the road for a round trip out here, which is difficult to arrange. But it is worth it for this kind of helpful service!

I think Rho will give a more complete report on our trip today (hint-hint Rho:) but suffice it to say that we're very excited to have developed a connection with this newest, largest, most modern hospital in Haiti, and we'd love you to join us in praying that this connection would grow and expand- allowing us to reach out and help more of the serious long-term type cases that we've been relatively helpless with before! A few specifics...
-Thank God for Surgeon Ward and Doctor Mandigo's willingness to email back and forth, arrange appointments, and take the time to provide skillful compassionate help to the patients we bring. 
-Pray for a dedicated couple to fill the position (currently open) of Clinic Director here at GTH. This would help open and expand the opportunities. 
-Pray for funding in several areas; including ongoing medical support, funds to build a long-term care/bandaging room/rooms at the clinic, and for a dedicated vehicle for emergency and medical appointment transport. 

Thank you for your support. It is helping people like Emanès, Dieutanne, Vitrene and Marie- every single day, right here in Haiti. May Christ bless you...

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