Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy National Nurses Day!!!

Hey I'm the new nurse!!! Mali Villeneuve from the beautiful country of Canada...So thankful to have grown up in a French home as I have a good head start on Creole!!!
   Its rainy season and the air is cooler, the palm fronds whisper in the breeze and you can almost imagine that it's cold!!! We woke up to a rainy ,sunless day....kinda felt dreary(doesn't help that its Monday morning and we sorta had a hard weekend.) Whit and I carefully step around the puddles, balancing boxes of meds and calling out "Bonjou!!" to everyone as cheerily as possible. Music is floating out the door of the clinic...Surprises are in the air!!  Kate comes out of the exam room with a big, cheery smile " Happy National Nurses Day girls!!!!" Don't ask me what time she got up but there was coffee cake, hot coffee, candles, music and cards by all our stations with a bright red hibiscuses smiling beside....It was a slow day and we had fun....Here are all of us nurses and Pharmacists.
Our jolly Fre Derek that Mis Rhoda crowned the "Big Boss" of the day. He is like a grandpa to us nurses...
Our hard weekend....Rho got called to the clinic at around 6 on Saturday night. About 45 minutes later she calls on the radio and we detect some alarm in her voice. Kate ran out to join her. Fifteen minutes later Whit and I can't stand not knowing what's going on so we run out to join the girls. A handsome little boy of 12 is bravely fighting the battle to live. He is on oxygen and IV, we can't get a BP, his body temp is 95.4, he's spitting blood...he grabs our hands and searches our eyes for hope. Rho calls for the ambulance....we get him ready to leave. The last we saw of him was his little face looking up at us that look of desperation and longing to be able to breathe and grow up was all over his face. I squeezed his hand and smiled through my tears. We got the report 2 hours later that he died 20 minutes from the hospital.  Kinda had us all in a somber mood for the weekend....
On a happier note...
Mis Whitney's foot boy was declared fit to leave for home....Whit bandaged it for the last time...for 4 months she's taken care of him, worried, prayed....and now Jean Frantz grins from his perch on top of the mule...Did I see Whit wipe a tear??Was it sadness? Joy? I'd call for both!!
-Mis Mali

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