Monday, April 28, 2014

And the Three Little Piggys...

...survived! After the gruesome cleaning and cutting away of their two fellow members it was pleasant to see three left standing alive and well. =) This morning Whit and I decided it was time to cut at the second toe. Let's just say it's a unique experience slicing away at spongy, gray, bone and feeling a TOE come off in your glove.

                                          Thank God dead tissue has no feeling.
                         Our patient was a jolly soul, in better spirits then I was. =)

   On a happier note, we had a wonderful time on Saturday, doing house calls! We had planned to go                       do a checkup on a few very old little grannies, and ended up walking the
                              mountains most of the afternoon seeing maladies.

               A dear old lady who survived a terrible bout of Pneumonia. She's 90 years old,
                        and loves Jesus so much she cries when we mention His name.

Mali, with our second house visit, a sweet lil granny who was just suffering the 
normal aches and pains. 

This lady almost died in our hospital room with pneumonia a few months ago. She is very unconverted and hardened to the gospel. Please pray for her!

Hiking with our Friends

We are so blessed with many reminders of HIS love and care for us. After a particularly difficult job or stressful situation, God gives us beautiful moments that give us strength to face whatever comes. Hiking the mountains in the sunshine, delivering a perfect baby, listening to a dying man receive many moments of beauty we can hold in our hearts as we clean rotten wounds and
 pray through intense situations.  

May each of you be reminded of His love today! - Mis Kate 


Coblentzfamily said...

Oh Kate!
Love to you girls today! And hugest hugs ever! Am inspired today by your beautiful spirits in the face of rotten toes and such like!:)

Annette Collison said...

It is just amazing all the different ailments that you girls handle!!! This little piggy would want to go home :) Happy Birthday to Whitney tomorrow (April 30th)! I love you!

Kindra said...

Now THAT is NASTY...keep the blogs coming, though, dears. You know I love those awful pictures. :)

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