Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A big thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I watched these two baby twins being held by their mother, I could only see the thankfulness written over their little faces, little "snoopy"!!! as his shirt says is anything but snoopy, he is full, his tummy is warmed with good nutritious milk, the little girl is wide awake, she is a bit lighter, but we're happy at the weight she gained from last time, but both are crying less and they have grown from little tiny hungry babies, whom the mother couldn't feed because of lack of milk, to sturdy little well fed, content ones.
I would like to take this time to express sincere appreciation from all of us for the blessings and support we have received from you for the milk program, it thrills me every time I hear, the two way radio go of and one of the nurses asks if they could put a baby on the program for two weeks or a few months. We couldn't do that up till now and were always short, and we had to let babies go that shouldn't have been to put others on, but because of the blessing God sent our way we can buy extra and make sure all the babies that need it can get some. Thank you so much the Lord will bless you richly for it.

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