Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red Eye Reduction

This afternoon the nurses were summoned to the clinic to check out a little boy who was complaining about a bad cough and bloodshot eyes. His mother said he had the cough for a long time and had been coughing up some blood- now, however, the blood "moved into his eyes" she said. 
The poor little guy looked worn out and tired. His attitude was very good though!

You can see how severely bloodshot his eyes are!
His cough had been so bad over the last few days that he had burst blood vessels in his eyes and face- 
amazingly enough (though it looks really bad) he wasn't suffering from too much pain.

After the physical examination, Katie gave them medications for his cough
-and some candy!
In a few weeks his eyes will return to normal and he should make a full recovery!
I suppose this could call this "red eye reduction"!

Apparently his mother had a similar condition, because one of her eyes was bloodshot also.
She was pretty much over the sickness, so she didn't need any medications.
They went happily on their way, with the promise to return next Friday for a checkup...

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