Thursday, September 6, 2012

Softball-size rock + young head = bad situation

On Saturday the team went on a hike up to the waterfall (about 2 hours away). Steve went along as their guide, but pretty much everyone else stayed back to take it easy- 
unfortunately that was not destined to be!

Grandpa Harold was going up to Terre Rouge when he was flagged down by a Haitian man- his son had a bad cut on the back of his head and was bleeding badly. So, Grandpa gave them a ride back to the clinic, where they boy was examined.

At first we thought it would be just a normal stitch job; but in inspecting the wound we discovered it wasn't merely a cut- his skull was actually fractured! Michael estimated that (in order to do that much damage) the rock must've been about the size of a softball! The boy was coherent and awake, so his condition was stable. Since we don't have the ability to treat such a condition we needed to take him out to the hospital.

He was loaded up and taken out. The trail was rough since the hurricane, but we made it safely and he was admitted at the hospital several hours later.

In the clinic we were able to look inside the cut and see the fractured skull.

The little guy was stable and doing great.

In Ti Guave we transfered to a truck Pastor Levy let us borrow and headed out to Leogonne.

The father supported his son's head the entire 2 hour trip down the trail.

On the way the traffic was light and we made good time.

At the hospital the boy and his Dad waited as we got the paperwork ready for their admission.

Once the paperwork was done they stepped out and were taken to the ER.

We headed back to Ti Guave with the truck and then back up the trail that night.
It was a long, yet satisfying day!

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