A bump on the head...

Another day, another bump!

Some youngsters came around the other day, one of them needing a bandage on his head. What they did, we're not entirely sure, but they were working ("ap travay") in their family garden when it happened. The result was a small puncture wound on the top of one little guy's head.

They were both very cooperative and somewhat excited for being in the clinic, so it was kinda fun to work with them :)

Breanna was on call, so she did the treatment...

 We had to shave around the wound; that was the band aide would stick!

 Here they are...
The injured's buddy was fascinated by everything that went on :)

Putting the finishing touches on...

They both had a grand time- I'm sure, not only for being in the clinic, but also for having a break from their evening work! :)


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