Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another safe delivery

After our previous birth cases Sat and Sun, we had yet a third lady come in labor Sun around noon. This lady was expecting her third child. She was carried in from out toward Fort Gary--5 hours hike or so away. When she arrived things looked fine, but she was at a stand still. We waited all afternoon for labor to pick up again, but it didn't. Since it had been so long since labor had started and her water had broke, we decided we should augment labor with oxytocin. We started it slowly, monitoring to make sure it wasn't causing the baby stress. Toward the end, heart tones seemed low so we put the mother on oxygen, but baby was soon born and didn't take long to breath well and cry! And cry he did! It was a strong little boy weighing 6 lbs 11 oz.

Mis Virginia and Michael dressing the baby

Mis Anita with baby--happy but tired at 1:30 am!

The happy mama with her baby!

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Will Kelly said...

Excellent work Michael, Gin & Anita!
You guys are super. Keep up the good work...

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