Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here's Thea with a stitch job she did this week. This young teenage
girl had managed to slice her wrist open during a tumble-mishap
she experienced on her way home from school.

Careful stitching pays off in a reduced chance of
infection, and less scarring....

Thea's doing a great job and picking up some good experience here!

Finished product. If you think (like I do sometimes!) "Wow, these
people sure take a lot of tumbles! Maybe they just need to be a
little more careful!", then you really need to come pay us a visit,
and spend a few days on these trails. :) Just this morning, walking
downhill on our way home from church, I took a slip and only
managed to catch myself on one knee before doing a flip!
This was complicated by the fact that I was carrying a backpack
and had Claudsie on my shoulders, but of course these
people haul everything that goes to their houses on their
back or head as well. So it's not as simple as it may seem
at first glance. It's just plain hard to keep your feet in their
proper position- below your head- sometimes!!!!!

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